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Philip Spink

The Duke

88' - 1999 - Drama, Comedy, Family - Dialogue: English
Director: Philip Spink Composer: Brahm Wenger With: John Neville, James Doohan, Courtnee Draper
No one takes care of the commoners of Dingwall better than the village’s resident nobleman, The Duke, and his faithful, slobbering hound, Hubert. They are known and loved in Dingwall where they offer money, food and comfort to humans and animals in need. Horrified that his future inheritance is being sold to feed the wretched poor, the Duke’s sniveling nephew, Cecil Cavendish, vows to wrest control of the estate from the Duke, fire the staff and cancel all aid to the villagers. On his deathbed, the Duke overhears Cecil’s plans and makes the only rational choice … The Duke leaves his estate and family jewels to Hubert and appoints Charlotte as Hubert’s sole guardian, leaving Chives firmly in charge of things as the estate’s senior butler.

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Philip Spink


Brahm Wenger


John Neville, James Doohan, Courtnee Draper


Craig Detweiler, Anne Vince, Robert Vince

Director of Photography

Mike Southon


Kelly Herron


Ian Fodie

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Countries of production

Canada, United Kingdom



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