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Dimitar Petkov

The devil's tail (Opashkata na dyavola)

Edition 2002
87' - 2001 - Drama
Director: Dimitar Petkov Composer: Stoyan Yankulov With: Samuel Finzi, Stefka Yanorova, Ana Papadopulu
Barely making ends meet on his own with his weekly gigs, Pavel, a 35-year-old jazz musician, manages thanks to girlfriend Sonya, a generous and beautiful opera singer. After years of fighting red tape to claim back the family villa, the couple is finally able to move into their new home, hoping for a more quiet existence. His world, however, turns upside down overnight. Off to the countryside on a film shoot as the composer of the score, Pavel spends a night of passion with the beguiling student Marta. In this remote village, he also hears of an old legend: how to make a bargain with the Devil to recover something you've lost. Back at home, Pavel continues the affair with Marta, and when Sonya finds out, she walks out on him, furious and betrayed. Desperate to win back Sonya's love, Pavel has only one choice: strike a deal with the Devil. But the price is high … (www.seepeppermint.com)

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18723053 d64a 4eaa 8574 34acc4145bf6



Dimitar Petkov


Stoyan Yankulov


Samuel Finzi, Stefka Yanorova, Ana Papadopulu


Dimitar Petkov

Director of Photography

Christo Bakalov


Maria Nikolowa, Kamen Ferdinandov


Dimitar Petkov, Andrei Razumovsky

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