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Anthony Neilson

The Debt Collector

Edition 1999
109' - 1999 - Crime, Action, Thriller - Dialogue: English
Director: Anthony Neilson Composer: Adrian Johnston With: Billy Connolly, Ken Stott, Francesca Annis
Ex loan shark and convicted murderer Dryden seems to have paid his debt to society. He has served his sentence in one of Britain’s toughest prisons. He is happily married and hailed as a talented sculptor by the art world. Eighteen years on, Keltie, the policeman responsible for his conviction, cannot accept Dryden’s rehabilitation and embarks on a campaign to ensure his violent crimes are not forgotten or forgiven. As Dryden and Keltie clash, a disturbed teenager is goaded by his hero worship for Dryden into violent acts which are the catalyst for the final confrontation between the policeman who has stepped outside the law and the ex-criminal who cannot ignore his past.

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Anthony Neilson


Adrian Johnston


Billy Connolly, Ken Stott, Francesca Annis


Anthony Neilson

Director of Photography

Dick Pope


John Wilson


Graham Broadbent, Damian Jones

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Countries of production

United Kingdom



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