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Marek Koterski

The Day of the Wacko (Dzień świra)

Edition 2003
93' - 2002 - Drama, Comedy, Romance - Dialogue: Polish
Director: Marek Koterski Composer: Jerzy Satanowski With: Marek Kondrat, Janina Traczykówna, Andrzej Grabowski
One day in the life of a 49-year-old teacher who is completely disillusioned with his reality. Adas Miauczynski is a divorced but loving father whose son lives with the mother. A frustrated intellectual and a middle-aged hypochondraic, he believes that the most difficult thing in life is perpetually having to survive the next five minute. Het is afraid of each new day. He has an obsession with the number seven. Het takes seven gulps of miniral water. He washes his face seven times. He puts seven handfuls of cereal into his bowl. He has a daily pill regimen. After his doses, he takes seven gulps of water, licking his lips after the fourth gulp. Seeking the reasons for his dissatisfaction, he finds blame in his friends, his former wife, and his own mother. His attempts at change lead nowhere. His ambition to write poetry is thwarted by one neighbour's lawnmower and another's preference for hearing Chopin at full volume. It appears there is no choice but resignation of escape. Koterski's funniest film since his 1990 hit, Porno.

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Marek Koterski


Jerzy Satanowski


Marek Kondrat, Janina Traczykówna, Andrzej Grabowski


Marek Koterski

Director of Photography

Jacek Blawut


Ewa Smal


Wlodzimierz Otulak, Juliusz Machulski

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