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Marcos Zurinaga

Tango Bar

Edition 1988
90' - 1987 - Drama, Romance - Dialogue: Spanish
Director: Marcos Zurinaga Composer: Atilio Stampone With: Raul Julia, Valeria Lynch, Rubén Juárez
This musical is a veritable tango-anthology, featuring the best choreographers, dancers and musicians of the genre. With original music by Atilio Stampone, the film presents all of tango's styles as well as its development, from its origins to its most modern expressions. The film recreates the rencounter between Ricardo and Elena with their old friend Antonio at the namesake cabaret where the trio used to stage a very popular tango show. It is the year 1987 and Antonio has just returned to Buenos Aires after ten years of self-imposed exile in protest against the military takeover in his country. The mixed emotions provoked by the impending reunion lead the characters to rekindle the memories of a long gone past. Thus, through the use of flashbacks, the film familiarizes the audience with the politica! circumstances surrounding Antonio 's decision to leave the country while Ricardo decides to stay and try his luck in Argentina. (pressbook)

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Marcos Zurinaga


Atilio Stampone


Raul Julia, Valeria Lynch, Rubén Juárez


Marcos Zurinaga, Juan Carlos Codazzi, José Pablo Feinmann

Director of Photography

Marcos Zurinaga


Pablo Mari


Roberto Gándara, Juan Carlos Codazzi

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Countries of production

Argentina, Puerto Rico



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