09 20 Oct '24
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Suzanne Osten

Tala! Det är så mörkt (Speak Up! It's So Dark)

83' - 1993 - Drama - Dialogue: Swedish
Director: Suzanne Osten With: Etienne Glaser, Simon Norrthon, Anna-Yrsa Falenius
Jacob, a jewish psychiatrist, and Sören, a Nazi skinhead, meet on a train under dramatically hostile circumstances: Sören has just been beaten up during a demonstration. Jacob attends to Sören’s wounds and tells him to come to his office the following day. This is the beginning of a series of shock-like encounters that radically affect the lives of both Sören and Jacob. Jacob’s relatives were killed at Auschwitz and he becomes deeply involved in the issues raised by his meetings with Sören. Looking at the recent rise of neo-Nazism in Europe, Suzanne Osten goes beyond the shock of the statistics and the brutality of the news to reveal the psyche of a young neo-Nazi.

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Suzanne Osten


Etienne Glaser, Simon Norrthon, Anna-Yrsa Falenius


Niklas Rådström

Director of Photography

Peter Mokrosinski


Michal Leszczylowski


Christer Nilson

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