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Hilde Heier

Suffløsen (The Prompter)

Edition 1999
100' - 1999 - Drama, Comedy, Romance - Dialogue: Norwegian
Director: Hilde Heier Composer: Harald Gunnar Paalgard With: Hege Schøyen, Sven Nordin, Philip Zandén
Siv is a tall woman, with strong emotions. She works as a prompter at the opera house. She is in love with the great music, which she sees as mirroring her own soul. As a prompter, she is invisible for the public, her voice can only be heard through the voices of others. She likes being anonymous. Problems develop when she finally wants to marry, and settle down in marital bliss with a man who has two children from an earlier marriage. Siv lives her life outside the opera house as she does within. The little space, that she is used to live in at the opera house, is getting more and more crowded. In the end, she is squeezed out, just like a jack-in-the-box. Unwillingly she is forced to leave her small spaced world and take her first steps alone into the real world.

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Hilde Heier


Harald Gunnar Paalgard


Hege Schøyen, Sven Nordin, Philip Zandén


Hilde Heier


Sophie Hesselberg


Christian Wildhagen

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Norway, Sweden



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