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Giovanna Sonnino

Strike a Light

Edition 2002
75' - 2002 - Drama - Dialogue: English
Director: Giovanna Sonnino With: Eileen Butler, Giovanna Calvino, Cynthia De Moss
Twenty years of sexual-sentimental adventures of a woman accompanied by hits from the 70’s to the present. Her story is told in the first person by eleven different New York women. Her quest for mr Right started sometime in the Seventies, when the boy she liked didn’t want to go to bed with her, because she was still a virgin. A life of searching, dreaming, being desperate and rejecting men ensued. A journey that takes her from the inner city to the outer suburbs and back, via psychedelia, tattoos, piercings and mobile phones. On the way, the woman fortunately becomes a little wiser: she becomes less dependent on the man and even spends a couple of years of celibacy. In the end she only sees one solution: why not try a woman?
(Catalogue International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2002)

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Giovanna Sonnino


Eileen Butler, Giovanna Calvino, Cynthia De Moss

Director of Photography

Alessandro De Filippo, Maurizio Leonardi, Giovanna Sonnino


Maurizio Leonardi, Francesco Struffi, Ruggero Tornatore


Giovanna Sonnino

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