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Kurdwin Ayub


Director Kurdwin Ayub Cast Melina Benli, Law Wallner, Maya Wopienka
87' - 2022 - Drama - Dialogue: German, Kurdish
In Sonne, Kurdwin Ayub looks at a young Muslim woman who explores the boundaries of her identity and faith online.
Three teenage girls from Vienna twerk in hijab and sing a pop song. A YouTube video of it makes them famous overnight, especially among Kurdish Muslims. Yesmin, the only one of the friends who is Kurdish herself, begins to distance herself more and more from her culture. Nati and Bella, on the other hand, seem fascinated by a world that is strange to them. When the girls meet two young Kurdish patriots, the situation threatens to escalate. A film about young people caught between social media and self-discovery, a story of rebellious young women.
"With its constant, irreverent humour and bantering dialogue, Sonne is never sanctimonious or overly worthy, but treats all the many perspectives it contains with open curiosity, and a generous compassion for human fickleness, youthful experimentation and mistakes." - Cineuropa

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Kurdwin Ayub


Melina Benli, Law Wallner, Maya Wopienka


Kurdwin Ayub

Director of Photography

Enzo Brandner


Roland Stöttinger, Roland Stöttinger


Ulrich Seidl, Georg Aschauer

Production studios

Ulrich Seidl Film Produktion GmbH

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German, Kurdish

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Kurdwin Ayub
Intrige und die Archenmuscheln (short, 2010), Langsam reiten Cowboy (short, 2011), Familienurlaub (short, 2012), Paradies! Paradies! (2016), Boomerang (short, 2018), Armageddon (short, 2018), LOLOLOL (short, 2020), Sonne (2022)