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Suzanne Osten

Skyddsängeln (The Guardian Angel)

Edition 1990
108' - 1990 - Drama - Dialogue: Swedish
Director: Suzanne Osten With: Etienne Glaser, Pia Bäckström, Malin Ek, Etienne Glaser
Birkman, his wife and their 3 grown-up children withdraw to the countryside. lt is rumored that plans are afoot to assas­sinate Blrkman and his family. A young man, Jacob, is hired as secretary and bodyguard. But he is also taking orders from another quarter. The whole family is charmed by Jacob. He becomes drawn into the family circle and has a hard time resisting their happy, unconventional, and affectionate behavior toward one another. Both the daughters fall in love with him. The wife, Livia, makes it clear to Jacob that, at night, she is the one who guards her husband.

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Suzanne Osten


Etienne Glaser, Pia Bäckström, Malin Ek, Etienne Glaser


Etienne Glaser, Madeleine Gustafsson, Ricarda Huch

Director of Photography

Göran Nilsson


Michael Leszczyslowski

Non-original music

Franz Schubert, Richard Wagner

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Countries of production


Screenplay based on

Der Letzte Sommer van Ricarda Huch



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