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Raoul Servais

Sirène (Sirens)

9' - 1968
Director: Raoul Servais Composer: Lucien Goethals
This short film is part of Launch Kortfilm.be 3.0.
Monstrous cranes and prehistoric flying reptiles dominate an inhospitable seaport. Only a lonesome angler is tolerated there as a human being. He becomes a witness to an eccentric idyll between a cabin boy and a mermaid. Dream or reality?

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Raoul Servais


Lucien Goethals


Raoul Servais


Jef Bruyninckx

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Absolon Films

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Raoul Servais
Harbor Lights (short, 1960), November Diversion (short, 1962), The False Note (short, 1963), Chromophobia (short, 1965), Sirene (short, 1968), Goldframe (short, 1969), To Speak or Not to Speak (short, 1970), Operation X-70 (short, 1971), Pegasus (short, 1973), Het Lied van Haleweyn (short, 1976), Harpya (short, 1979), Die schöne gefangene (1982), Taxandria (1994), Nocturnal Butterflies (1998), Atraksion (short, 2001), Winter Days (short, 2003), Tank (short, 2015), Der Lange Kerl (short, 2021)

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