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Ingela Magner

Selma & Johanna (Selma och johanna)

91' - 1997 - Family - Dialogue: Swedish
Director: Ingela Magner Composer: Coste Apetra, Andres Henriksson With: Kjell Bergqvist, Jakob Eklund, Grete Havnesköld
Johanna is furious. The schoolmistress has decided to punish her for her for not paying attention during classes by making her re-sit her school year. Johanna considers the punishment to be totally unacceptable... The headmaster jokingly tells her that if she has a complaint she should lodge it with the European Court of Justice. Little does he know that the young pupil will take his suggestion seriously. Johanna and her classmate Selma only have one thing left to do, head for Strasbourg. Not having enough money for the train fare, they decide to hide in the toilets, where they are soon be discovered by the ticket collector. Their only option is to hitch a ride for the remaining part of the journey. They get a lift with two bickering old ladies…

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Ingela Magner


Coste Apetra, Andres Henriksson


Kjell Bergqvist, Jakob Eklund, Grete Havnesköld

Director of Photography

Dan Hyhrman, Michael Spicer


Lasse Lundberg


Lennart Dunér

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