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Enzo D'alo

La Freccia Azzurra (How the Toys Saved Christmas)

97' - 1996 - Family, Adventure - Dialogue: Italian, English
Director: Enzo D'alo Composer: Paolo Conte With: Dario Fo, Mary Tyler Moore, Lella Costa
Every year at Christmas time - 12 days after Christmas Eve to be precise - the good witch Befana flies on her broom delivering toys to all the well-behaved children of Italy. But this year, Befana is sick and she has left the job to her malignant servant Doctor Scarafoni. The greedy doctor plans to force rich parents to pay for the toys and give nothing to the children of poor families. Unhappy with these plans, the toys rebel and escape from Scarafoni, climbing onto the Blue Arrow train to offer themselves to the expecting children… Among them, toy dog Spicciola makes a wish that his nose will lead them, through the snowy streets, to the orphan boy Francesco, who dreamt so much about the Blue Arrow train…

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Enzo D'alo


Paolo Conte


Dario Fo, Mary Tyler Moore, Lella Costa


Maria Fares

More information


Italian, English

Countries of production

Italy, Germany, Switzerland

Screenplay based on

"La Freccia Azzurra" (Gianni Rodari)



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