09 20 Oct '24
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Charlotte Regan

Scrapper (9+)

Edition 2023
84' - 2023 - Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: English
Director: Charlotte Regan Composer: Patrick Jonsson With: Lola Campbell, Alin Uzun, Cary Crankson, Harris Dickinson

Charlotte Regan's debut is a charismatic comedy about how father and daughter can form a band as strong as steel, even if it is a bit later than expected.

Georgie is a real scrapper in every sense of the word. Following the death of her mother, the twelve-year-old happily lives on her own. To calm down the grown-ups around her, she claims that she is being cared for by her uncle Winston Churchill. Meanwhile, Georgie is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. To make ends meet, she steals bikes, which she fixes and sells with her friend Ali. Additionally, she can count on Ali to keep track of her grieving process. When her father - played by Triangle of Sadness star Harris Dickinson - suddenly appears and demands a role in her life, Georgie realises that she might not be as far along in her grieving process as she had hoped. The first feature film by Charlotte Regan touches on raw, real subjects without ever resorting to melancholy. The dreamlike music of Patrick Johnson and the pastel colours of Molly Manning's cinematography (How to Have Sex) support Georgie's magical-realist view of saying goodbye to her mom.

"Charlotte Regan's feature-length debut Scrapper is tender without falling into sappiness. Regan doesn't romanticize Georgie's struggles with poverty, grief and bullying, which are accompanied by the film's gritty sense of humor." - The New York Times

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Charlotte Regan


Patrick Jonsson


Lola Campbell, Alin Uzun, Cary Crankson, Harris Dickinson


Charlotte Regan

Director of Photography

Molly Manning Walker


Matteo Bini, Billy Sneddon


Theo Barrowclough

Production studios

BBC Films


WW Entertainment

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Countries of production

United Kingdom




Charlotte Regan
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