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Eduardo Williams

The Human Surge 3 (El auge del humano 3)

Director Eduardo Williams Cast Meera Nadarasa, Sharika Navamani, Livia Silvano
Edition 2023
121' - 2023 - Avant-Garde / Experimental - Dialogue: Sinhalees, Spanish, Chinese, English, Tamil
Eduardo Williams' film, as experimental as it is spectacular, is a transcendental experience that connects young people in Peru, Taiwan and Sri Lanka.
When Argentine filmmaker Eduardo Williams presented his film The Human Surge to the world – and later to the audience at Courtisane – his debut film found its place in numerous end-of-the-year-lists. The same is likely to be true for The Human Surge 3 – there's no 2. It's a film like you've never seen before, and therefore, it's challenging to categorise. Poetic, undeniably free, and vaguely reminiscent of ethnographic slow cinema. Through a 360-degree lens, we follow three groups of friends across three continents. The strength of the film lies more in its disjointed form than in its narrative story. The relationships between the characters are disorienting and intriguing at the same time. It's as if they are part of the same dream that, without concern for logical connections, keeps pushing forward. A spiritual, socially critical, and captivating dream from which you don't necessarily want to wake up.

"If The Human Surge 3 is a dream, it’s one dreamt by a machine. If it’s a film made by a machine, it’s one haunted by a human ghost. Amid discussions about the possible effects of AI on creative practices, it offers timely and perceptive insights into the reciprocal relationship between humans and the technologies we’ve created." - Variety

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Eduardo Williams


Meera Nadarasa, Sharika Navamani, Livia Silvano


Eduardo Williams

Director of Photography

Victoria Pereda


Eduardo Williams


Jerónimo Quevedo, María Victoria Marotta, Eduardo Williams, Nahuel Perez Biscayart, Ico Costa, Xie Meng, Chang Chu-ti, Aline Mazarella, Matheus Peçanha, Naomi Pacifique, Albert Kuhn, Germen Boelens, Raymond van der Kaaij

Production studios

Estúdio Giz


Revolver Amsterdam

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Sinhalees, Spanish, Chinese, English, Tamil

Countries of production

Hong Kong, Peru, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Argentina, The Netherlands, Brazil, Portugal




Eduardo Williams
Could See a Puma (2011, short), That I'm Falling? (2013, short), I Forgot! (2014, short), The Human Surge (2016), Parsi (2018), A Very Long Gif (2022), The Human Surge 3 (2023)