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Jan Troell

Sagolandet (Land of Dreams)

185' - 1988 - Documentary - Dialogue: English, Swedish
Director: Jan Troell Composer: Tom Wolgers With: Ingvar Carlsson, Tage Erlander, Rollo May
Jan Troell went out with his camera in search of life -fantasy, adventure, creativity and joy- and found social security, profit, comfort and an increasing abscence of vitality. The film is built up of interviews with various kinds of people from politicians, chicken farmers, protectors of wolves, lumberjacks, an old maker of tailor’s dummies, school children to professional dogkillers etc. The smooth way of interviewing makes people reveal themselves and the lovely scenes filled with poetic strength also evoke frightening parallels. The film is a strong protest against life - or the lack of life - in Sweden.

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Jan Troell


Tom Wolgers


Ingvar Carlsson, Tage Erlander, Rollo May


Jan Troell

Director of Photography

Jan Troell


Jan Troell


Bengt Linné, Göran Setterberg

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English, Swedish

Countries of production

Sweden, West Germany



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