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Gloria Behrens

Rosi und die große Stadt

Director Gloria Behrens Cast Jango Edwards, Kerstin Müller, Gerhard Polt
Edition 1983
98' - 1981 - Family, Music/Musical - Dialogue: German
On the one hand, a musical film (but no ANNIE at all) and, on the other, a German youth film about the child in the big city. It is the latter that prevails and the film immediately reminds us of the unforgettable METIN, due to the fact that we also have to deal with Turkish guest workers.

The story the film tells is that of the twelve-year-old girl Rosi. Together with her brother and her recently divorced father, she leaves rural Bavaria for Berlin. Her brother immediately feels at home. A big city, with all its possibilities, with all its attractions, and where girls are easier to conquer. Rosi, on the other hand, hates the big city, which she finds a raw grey mass. She feels uncomfortable there and decides to work to save money so that she can return to Bavaria as soon as possible. She becomes an assistant at a Turkish grocery shop. She became friends with a Turkish girl and at school she met someone with whom she became friends. One evening, the three of them decide to take a step into the world. It becomes a long and strange trip through nocturnal Berlin. But the adventure ends with a happy ending...

ROSI AND THE GREAT CITY is actually a film with a very serious background and content. It is a problem film on many fronts. It is also a film where the psychology of the protagonists is very important. All of this is handled in a light-hearted way and the genre - here the musical - is very grateful for that. It is on this level, by the way, that the greatest ambition of the film's maker lay. A perfectly balanced musical comedy, with compelling songs and a professionally performed choreography. Not an easy task, and yet a very successful film that is worked out very homogeneously and especially in function not only of the youthful actors but also of the youthful audience to whom it is addressed. However, those who expect a balmy film will also be surprised by ROSI. As already mentioned, it is not a Hollywood product that presents an artificial world à Ia ANNIE, but a film about the hard Berlin city. So typical rock and hard rock from the seventies, but this may also seem contradictory to the latest trends...

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Gloria Behrens


Jango Edwards, Kerstin Müller, Gerhard Polt


Gloria Behrens

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