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Bob Dylan

Renaldo and Clara

Edition 1979
235' - 1978 - Drama, Documentary - Dialogue: English
Director: Bob Dylan With: Bob Dylan, Sara Dylan, Joan Baez
This epic is a mass amalgamation of three separate film-types that is, contrary to popular opinion, coherent and a unified whole. Bob Dylan is shown in concert, often masked, during the Rolling Thunder Revue. The film also features documentary footage, including Ruben "Hurricane" Carter's struggle against the forces that have imprisoned him. The third element is fictional "role-playing" footage with Bob Dylan in the guise of guitar-strumming Renaldo and his wife Sara as his companion Clara. Ronnie Hawkins takes on the role of Bob Dylan in these sequences. The film includes footage of a visit to the grave of Jack Kerouac, an Allen Ginsberg poetry reading and various friends and acquaintances, namely David Blue (playing pinball by a swimming pool), discussing experiences on the road.

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Bob Dylan


Bob Dylan, Sara Dylan, Joan Baez


Bob Dylan, Sam Shepard

Director of Photography

Howard Alk, Paul Goldsmith, Michael A Levine, David Myers


Howard Alk, Bob Dylan

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Countries of production

United States of America



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