09 20 Oct '24
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Charles Matton


103' - 1999 - Drama, Biography - Dialogue: French
Director: Charles Matton Composer: Nicolas Matton, Hervé Postic With: Klaus Maria Brandauer, Romane Bohringer, Jean Rochefort
Right from the moment he arrives in Amsterdam Rembrandt van Rijn becomes a star. He marries the beautiful Saskia. Ten years later, by the time of her death, his disgrace has already begun. The fashion of the day was for a light touch and a bright palette. Rembrandt pursues his own vein, with a taste for heavy shadow and thickly encrusted paint. In his private life too, he ignores the conventions of his day. The great and the good of Amsterdam betray him. They punish a man whom they had carried to great heights; they condemn him for his refusal to conform, they bankrupt him and leave him nothing. One after another, his loved ones die. In solitude, Rembrandt attains the full mystical force of his art.

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D3d22ef1 b657 42ce 8599 551282d5a0b9
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Charles Matton


Nicolas Matton, Hervé Postic


Klaus Maria Brandauer, Romane Bohringer, Jean Rochefort


Charles Matton, Sylvie Matton

Director of Photography

Pierre Dupouey


François Gédigier


Humbert Balsan

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Countries of production

The Netherlands, Germany, France



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