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Andras Hamelberg

Reis door het zand

Edition 1983
30' - 1983
Director: Andras Hamelberg Composer: Stefan Hamelberg

This film was shown as a supporting film for NAUGHTY BOYS.

REIS DOOR HET ZAND is an experimental film in which the isolation of man, who arrives in a prisonlike building, is visualized through a voyage the man makes along a beach and a desertlike surrounding. His stubborn undertakings to escape from this neigbourhood are in vain: the sand overwhelms this man, who even can't communicate with the people he meets. A powerful black and white photography and an inventive score create a gripping depressing atmosphere. REIS DOOR HET ZAND was offered the first prize in Hyères this year.

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A8890181 ed89 479f a326 efd078b200d6



Andras Hamelberg


Stefan Hamelberg


Andras Hamelberg

Director of Photography

Andras Hamelberg


Andras Hamelberg

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The Netherlands



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