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Jean-Louis Bertuccelli

Remparts d'Argile (Ramparts of Clay)

Edition 1974
80' - 1971 - Drama - Dialogue: Arabic, French
Director: Jean-Louis Bertuccelli With: Leila Shenna, Kricheche, Jean-Louis Trintignant
In 1962, change comes to a Tunisian village on the edge of the Sahara. An entrepreneur sets up a salt mine, hiring village men. When he pays only half the wages agreed upon, they sit down in a field of rocks. The boss calls the army, who encircle the strikers. The women watch, sacrifice a sheep, pray, ululate. During the second night, a young woman hides the bucket and rope of the town's well to keep water from the army. The strike galvanizes her: she's learning to read and has studied a city woman who visits the village. Now, as she removes her traditional dress and rejects a ritual to cast out her new rebellious spirit, will she gain independence as did Tunisia and the strikers?

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Jean-Louis Bertuccelli


Leila Shenna, Kricheche, Jean-Louis Trintignant


Jean-Louis Bertuccelli

Director of Photography

Andréas Winding


François Ceppi


Jean-Louis Bertuccelli, Mohammed Lakhdar-Hamina

Production studios

Office des Actualities Algerienes

More information


Arabic, French

Countries of production

Algeria, France

Screenplay based on

Jean Duvignaud



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