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Luciano Ligabue

Radiofreccia (Radio Arrow)

Edition 1999
112' - 1998 - Drama - Dialogue: Italian
Director: Luciano Ligabue Composer: Luciano Ligabue With: Stefano Accorsi, Luciano Federico, Alessio Modica
Bruno is sitting in the studio of a radio station that is about to close down in three hours time. He contemplates about the history of the network and how it arose from a monopolistic system when the FM band was practically empty. His nostalgia ends up by being the story of the teenagers Freccia, Rino, Tino and Juri, back in the seventies. He recalls them hanging out and wasting time in the local bar, pictures them at crucial moments in their lives when painful choices had to be made, and shows how distinct the “voice” on the radio influenced their generation. Through practical jokes, soccer matches, weddings, indifferent parents and factorywork we see the youngsters mature and grow an awareness that the outside world is not the best of places.

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Luciano Ligabue


Luciano Ligabue


Stefano Accorsi, Luciano Federico, Alessio Modica


Luciano Ligabue, Antonio Leotti

Director of Photography

Arnaldo Catinari


Angelo Nicolini


Domenico Procacci

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"Radiofreccia" (Luciano Ligabue)



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