08 19 Oct '24

Hans Fels

Quatre mains

90' - 1989 - War, Drama - Dialogue: Dutch
Director: Hans Fels Composer: Paul Prenen With: Peter Fitz, Renée Fokker, Thore Seeberg, Reinhard Vom Bauer
Screenplay has Fitz playing a moody concert pianist who expresses himself beautifully via the keyboard, but finds it difficult to exchange even simple pleasantries with other human beings. Early on there are hints of an enormous secret between him and his attractive young niece (Renée Fokker). Again, the pair communicate beautifully as long as they are playing four-hand pieces for the piano (hence, film’s French title). The second the keyboard lid bangs down- which it does more than once in various fits of rebellion by the niece, all communication stops. (Variety, 22.04.1987)



Hans Fels


Paul Prenen


Peter Fitz, Renée Fokker, Thore Seeberg, Reinhard Vom Bauer

Director of Photography

Toni Kuhn, Hans Dunnewijk


Jürgen Haase, Rolf Orthel, Dirk Schreiner

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Countries of production

The Netherlands



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