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Fruit Chan

Public Toilet (Hwajangshil eodieyo?)

Director Fruit Chan Composer Sung-woo Jo Cast Tsuyoshi Abe, Zhe Ma, Jang Hyuk
Edition 2002
102' - 2002 - Drama - Dialogue: Korean, Cantonese
Our daily lives consist of clothing, eating, living and going from places to places. It also consists of emptying our bowels. Sleeping takes up about five percent of our lives, eating takes up about two and a half percent. According to a Chinese saying, we pass out as much as we pass in, so we can assume we spend two and a half percent answering the call of nature. From the dawn of time, people have never stopped eating, and so have never stopped defecating. Public Toilet (W.C.) is for people with urgent needs to answer the call of nature. This film focuses on different public toilets in four places: China, Hong Kong, Korea and the United States, to explore the happiness, anger, sadness and joy in people's lives.

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Fruit Chan


Sung-woo Jo


Tsuyoshi Abe, Zhe Ma, Jang Hyuk


Fruit Chan, Kee-To Lam

Director of Photography

Henry Chung, Wen-Yun Huang, Wah-Chuen Lam


Fruit Chan


Fruit Chan, Sungkyu Cho, Carrie Wong

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Korean, Cantonese

Countries of production

Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan