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Alain de Halleux

Pleure pas Germaine

96' - 2000 - Drama, Comedy, Family - Dialogue: French, Catalan
Director: Alain de Halleux Composer: Carles Cases With: Rosa Renom, Dirk Roofthooft, Catherine Grosjean
Their eldest daughter is dead. Gilles and Germaine are close to breaking point. So they pack up the bare essentials in their old van and leave Belgium with their children, two teenagers and two little twins. Germaine is hoping to rebuild her family in the mountains where she was born, the Spanish Pyrenees. But Gilles has found out that his daughter’s suspected killer is hiding out in those very same mountains and he is looking for vengeance. Faced with Gilles’ doubts and distress, Germaine always responds with love. And as they travel through France and Catalonia, faith gradually returns to bond the family together.

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Alain de Halleux


Carles Cases


Rosa Renom, Dirk Roofthooft, Catherine Grosjean


Alain de Halleux, Claude Jasmin, Eric Van Beuren

Director of Photography

Philippe Guilbert


Michèle Maquet


Antonio Chavarrías, Eric Van Beuren

More information


French, Catalan

Countries of production

Belgium, Spain, France

Screenplay based on

"Pleure pas Germaine" (Claude Jasmin)



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