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Péter Gothár

Passport (Paszport)

Edition 2001
70' - 2000 - Drama - Dialogue: Hungarian
Director: Péter Gothár Composer: György Orbán With: Enikö Börcsök, Gergely Kocsis, Éva Fehér, Mari Nagy, Istvan Medgyesi
Hungary in the early nineties somewhere in the barren back of beyond. This is where Jóska lives; he is on his way to the Ukraine – which at that time still belonged to the Soviet Union – to marry a young woman named Elizavéta. After their wedding he will bring her back home with him. Jóska and Elizavéta have pinned all their hopes on this union. In some way, each one could be regarded as the other’s passport to a better way of life. But in reality there are no such charters. A gloomy environment, poverty, alcoholism – all the things Jóska contributes to the marriage mercilessly destroy their fragile happiness, their feelings and finally, their love. Again and again, Elizavéta strives to create a real home for her and Jóska – in vain. Even the birth of a daughter cannot change the fact that their married life is in pieces. (Catalogue Film Festival Berlin, 2001)

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Péter Gothár


György Orbán


Enikö Börcsök, Gergely Kocsis, Éva Fehér, Mari Nagy, Istvan Medgyesi


Nelli Litvai

Director of Photography

Tamas Babos


Ágnes Ostoros, Zoltán Vida


Judith Smith

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