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Przemyslaw Reut

Paradox Lake

85' - 2002 - Drama - Dialogue: Polish, English
Director: Przemyslaw Reut Composer: Maciej Staniecki With: Phe Caplan, Jessica Fuchs, John Gelin
Twenty-five-year-old Matt Wolf is prompted to take up a position as a volunteer supervisor for three weeks at a holiday camp for autistic children. He is assigned with looking after Rob and Wayne, two boys who are in need of special care. Like some of the other children, Rob and Wayne communicate with the world at large in a way that completely baffles their inexperienced supervisor. Nevertheless, Matt is extremely patient and it soon becomes clear that Rob and Wayne like him. Ernie, on the other hand, is rough with the children in his care and is easily provoked. Matt tries to protect the kids from him. During his three-week spell at the camp, Matt has a brief fling with Rachel, who is Jessica’s carer. Matt notices that 12-year-old Jessica spends a lot of time playing with a wolf and a cat, hiding these toys in different places all the time. Matt is soon convinced that Jessica is trying to tell him something … (Catalogue IFB 2002)

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Przemyslaw Reut


Maciej Staniecki


Phe Caplan, Jessica Fuchs, John Gelin


Przemyslaw Reut, Wieslaw Saniewski

Director of Photography

Przemyslaw Reut


Przemyslaw Reut


Ken Kushner, Bartek Rainski, Przemyslaw Reut

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Polish, English

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