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Giorgio Verdelli

Paolo Conte, via con me (Paolo Conte, Via Con Me (It's Wonderful))

Edition 2021
101' - 2020 - Documentary, Music/Musical - Dialogue: Italian
Director: Giorgio Verdelli Composer: Paolo Conte With: Paolo Conte, Jane Birkin, Renzo Arbore

A refreshing portret of Italian singer-songwriter and pianist Paolo Conte. "Paolo Conte is sexy", said Jane Birkin.

Paolo Conte, Via con me (It’s Wonderful) forms an ideal itinerary with Luca Zingaretti (The Inspector Montalbano mystery series) as narrator telling the story of an eclectic and, in some ways, mysterious character. It is a great story, and not just about music, where words and verses as well as the music, interweave and take pictures of our imagination through this great artist’s songs, concerts and friends, as well as his thoughts and reflections. Verdelli has drawn on Conte’s immensely rich personal archive and combined ad hoc material: interviews, filmed footage of international tours and special moments making up a unique career.
“Giorgio Verdelli’s documentary about Paolo Conte is a delectable detour taking in the musical life of a huge talent. It’s a must-see for fans and might also arouse the interest of those less familiar with this gentleman par excellence, whose charm rivals that of Marcello Mastroianni.” - Cineuropa

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Giorgio Verdelli


Paolo Conte


Paolo Conte, Jane Birkin, Renzo Arbore


Giorgio Verdelli

Director of Photography

Federico Annicchiarico


Matteo Bugliarello, Emiliano Portone


Carlotta Calori, Francesca Cima, Silvia Fiorani, Nicola Giuliano

Production studios

Indigo Film, Sudovest Produzioni


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Countries of production

Italy, France




Giorgio Verdelli
Paolo Conte, via con me (2020)

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