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Lasse Spang Olsen

Old men in new cars (Gamle mænd i nye biler)

Edition 2002
95' - 2002 - Crime, Action, Comedy - Dialogue: Danish, Serbian, Swedish
Director: Lasse Spang Olsen Composer: George Keller With: Kim Bodnia, Torkel Petersson, Tomas Villum Jensen
When Harry is released from prison, he finds his foster father, the Monk, dying with a serious liver condition. He promises him to find his estranged son Ludvig before it is too late. However, Ludvig is a serial women-killer who is an inmate in a highly secured prison in Sweden. Peter and Martin, who work for Harry, come up with a spectacular plan to free Ludvig. It succeeds and on his arrival in Denmark, Ludvig immediately wants to raise money for the Monk’s liver transplant. With Harry, he decides to rob a bank, but having been out of orbit for some years, this proves more difficult than they imagined. To escape they have to take a hostage. Finally they decide to hijack a military plane carrying out a big money transportation. They get it airborne, throw the pilots out, but the only problem is: how do they land this thing, get the money out and escape the police and the anti-terror forces?

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A85a9f82 d54b 442b 9a5e 72aa67cfdc00



Lasse Spang Olsen


George Keller


Kim Bodnia, Torkel Petersson, Tomas Villum Jensen


Anders Thomas Jensen

Director of Photography

Henrik Kristensen


Mikkel E.G. Nielsen


Michael Obel, Michel Schønnemann

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Danish, Serbian, Swedish

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