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Rüdiger Neumann

Nordlicht (Northern Lights)

Edition 1989
80' - 1988 - Documentary
Director: Rüdiger Neumann Composer: Stephan Konken
This film proved to be a surprising homage to nature. Surprising, because not one single sentence of comment is uttered, neither is there a single explanation by way of titles. The announcer did tell us that it was set in the north of Sweden, but that was the only pointer we were offered to reality. The film itself affords not a syllable, not a letter as a clue to the time of year we are in, what the time is, the approximate latitude and the name of the harbour town whose ships we are allowed to watch. The point is made with pictures alone, which apart from the credits, are not even accompanied by music. (Wilfried Wiegand)

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A45c70a6 e9d5 4aad 801f da50b8410d6a



Rüdiger Neumann


Stephan Konken


Rüdiger Neumann

Director of Photography

Rüdiger Neumann


Rüdiger Neumann

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West Germany



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