08 19 Oct '24

Schamil Dshaparov

Nomadentijd van een kosmonaut (Kochevje Kosmonatva)

Edition 1983
16' - 1982 - Short
Director: Schamil Dshaparov

This film was shown as a supporting film for FILMS OVER FILMS.

In the Kirgisian steppe, where next to the stone-made witnesses of an ancient national culture people talk about the adventures in the nearby space research centre, there is a young Kirgisian boy who is excluded from the games of the bigger children sitting outside a nomad's tent, dreaming of a great impressive deed: of being a Cosmonaut and going out into deep space.



Schamil Dshaparov


Schamil Dshaparov

Director of Photography

B. Alimbajev

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