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Gerhard Ertl, Sabine Hiebler


Edition 2002
90' - 2002 - Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: German
Director: Gerhard Ertl, Sabine Hiebler Composer: Wolfgang Frisch With: Meret Becker, Martin Glade, Mavie Hörbiger
This ‘gas station triptych’, as the directors call their film, is about three couples for whom a gas station in the middle of nowhere becomes an obsession. Joe and Maria don’t want to have anything to do with the outside world. Their relationship is as passionate as a vise. Taking refuge in their gas station, they withdraw more and more from their surroundings. Gradually their behaviour takes on paranoid characteristics as this ‘folie à deux’ barricades itself against the rest of the world. Lisa and Tom want nothing more than to go into business for themselves. The problem is finding a place and getting the money together. While Lisa refuses to give up, Tom finds the gas station of their dreams. Rosa and Sam are footloose and couldn’t care less about conventions. Unintentionally they blunder into a bank robbery but manage to make off with the loot. Their escape route takes them to the gas station, which holds the key to the getaway car – and to freedom. (press kit)

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Gerhard Ertl, Sabine Hiebler


Wolfgang Frisch


Meret Becker, Martin Glade, Mavie Hörbiger


Gerhard Ertl, Sabine Hiebler

Director of Photography

Helmut Wimmer


Britta Nahler


Danny Krauss, Kurt Stocker

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Countries of production

Austria, Germany



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