09 20 Oct '24
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Lois Patiño

Night Without Distance

Edition 2023
23' - 2015 - Short - Dialogue: Portuguese, Galician
Director: Lois Patiño With: Mateo Franco
This short film is part of Lois Patiño Short Film Retrospective.
Iberian smugglers wait for nightfall so they can attempt to cross the treacherous Gerês Mountain on the border of Portugal and Galicia.

Combi-ticket Lois Patiño shorts + Directors Talk + Samsara
On Monday, 16/10, you can enjoy the screenings Lois Patiño shorts and Samsara at an advantageous price. There will be a Directors Talk between the two screenings.

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Lois Patiño


Mateo Franco

Director of Photography

Lois Patiño


Lois Patiño


Nuno Rodrigues

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Portuguese, Galician

Countries of production

Spain, Portugal




Lois Patiño
Mountain in Shadow (short 2012), Coast of Death (2013), La imagen arde (short, 2013), Night Without Distance (short, 2015), Strata of the Image (short, 2015), Fajr (short, 2017), The Path of Totality (short, 2018), Red Moon Tide (2020), Sycorax (short, 2021), The Sower of Stars (short, 2022), Samsara (2023)

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