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Lois Patiño

Estratos de la imagen

Director Lois Patiño
Edition 2023
7' - 2015 - Avant-Garde / Experimental - Dialogue: no dialogue
This short film is part of Lois Patiño Short Film Retrospective.
The project seeks to reflect about the image, and its contemplative experience from the factors of time, color and movement. We focus our view on the human-landscape relationship, facing it in two temporal dimensions: the geological and human. This definition synthesize well the will of the project: “The landscape are layers of time condensed into an image”. We seek to merge different temporal layers into a single image, proposing two exploration lines: emphasize the ephemeral and fleeting passage of man over the territory; and invite to a leisurely contemplation showing the poetry and mystery of the movements of landscape.

Combi-ticket Lois Patiño shorts + Directors Talk + Samsara
On Monday, 16/10, you can enjoy the screenings Lois Patiño shorts and Samsara at an advantageous price. There will be a Directors Talk between the two screenings.

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31df5766 1749 4132 8297 80ae24988729



Lois Patiño

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Lois Patiño
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