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Rick Goldstein

Night on the Town

Edition 1982
11' - 1981 - Short
Director: Rick Goldstein With: Peter Challis
In a run-down hotel for transients, a man sleeps fitfully in bed. He rises to use the toilet down the hall, and while he's there, a burglar enters his room. He returns to find the burglar leaving through the window; the burglar falls to the street beneath. The man leaves the hotel and walks past the fallen burglar to a seedy bar, where he drinks too much and has a hedonistic vision of sex and death. He awakens on the bar-room floor and drags himself out. Is this the end for him?

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A909cce1 a3ee 4529 9b53 cf8547851553



Rick Goldstein


Peter Challis

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United States of America



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