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Goderdzi Chokheli

Moeder van de Aarde (Adgilis deda)

Edition 1982
35' - 1982 - Drama, Short - Dialogue: Georgian
Director: Goderdzi Chokheli
Every corner of the mountains has its guardian angel - the Adgilis Deda ("place mother"). An old woman who has no right to die has become the Adgilis Deda of the abandoned mountain village. As long as she is alive, the village is called a village, only with her death will any sign of life disappear from that corner.

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74ddf17e bae6 43a4 8d52 e34260a784ed



Goderdzi Chokheli


Goderdzi Chokheli

Director of Photography

Avtandil Shengelaia, Jimsher Kristesashvili

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Union soviétique



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