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Fons Rademakers

Niet voor de poezen

98' - 1973 - Drama
Director: Fons Rademakers Composer: Ruud Bos With: Bryan Marshall, Alexandra Stewart, Alex van Roven
Near Amsterdam the "Ravens", a gang of well-off twenty year olds, are operating. They express their dissatisfaction with the world and their family life. They are received by a certain Jansen, successful owner of a milk bar that is frequented by the Ravens. He dreams of a new society based on the ideas of Marx, Lenin, Mao and Marcuse. He indoctrinates the youths to such an extent that they wish to realize his ideas, no matter what this might cost. They develop into a gang of thugs who serve his struggle tor a new society.

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Fons Rademakers


Ruud Bos


Bryan Marshall, Alexandra Stewart, Alex van Roven


Hugo Claus

Director of Photography

Eduard van der Enden


Ton Aarden


Fons Rademakers, Paul Collet, Pierre Drouot, Alain Guillaume

More information

Countries of production

Belgium, The Netherlands

Screenplay based on

"Niet voor de poesen" Nicolas Freeling



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