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Sasa Gedeon

Návrat idiota (The Idiot Returns)

Director Sasa Gedeon Composer Vladimir Godar Cast Pavel Liska, Anna Geislerová, Tatiana Dyková
Edition 2000
99' - 1999 - Drama, Comedy, Romance - Dialogue: Czech
In this updated and broadly revised adaptation of Dostojewsky's novel ‘The Idiot’, ‘Navrat Idiota’ follows Franticek, a young man whose intelligence does not appear to be overwhelming. As Franticek waits in a train station, he spots Anna, a beautiful young woman who is running for the same train he will be taking. Anna ends up dumping a carton of yogurt on him, and she later discovers that they've been assigned the same sleeping car. Arriving in town, Franticek observes a young couple, Olga and Emil, breaking up, and later that night he attends a dance, where he sees Anna again. After the dance, Anna discovers that Franticek has nowhere to go and offers to let him stay at her flat for the night. In time, Anna begins to confide in Franticek, as do Olga and Emil, though he has a secret that could in time cause serious problems for them all. (Mark Deming)

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Sasa Gedeon


Vladimir Godar


Pavel Liska, Anna Geislerová, Tatiana Dyková


Sasa Gedeon, Fyodor Dostoevsky

Director of Photography

Stepan Kucera


Petr Turyna


Petr Oukropec

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Countries of production

Czech Republic, Germany

Screenplay based on

"The Idiot" (Fyodr Dostoevsky)