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Leo Hurwitz, Paul Strand

Native Land

Edition 1981
80' - 1942 - Historical, Drama - Dialogue: English
Director: Leo Hurwitz, Paul Strand Composer: Marc Blitzstein With: Paul Robeson, Fred Johnson, Mary George
Paul Robeson narrates a mix of dramatizations and archival footage about the bill of rights being under attack during the 1930s by union busting corporations, their spies and contractors. In dramatizations, we see a Michigan farmer beaten for speaking up at a meeting, a union man murdered in an apartment in Cleveland, two sharecroppers near Fort Smith Arkansas shot by men deputized by the local sheriff, a spy stealing the names of union members, and a dead Chicago union man eulogized. In archival footage we witness police and goons beating lawfully assembled union organizers, and we see men at work and union families at play. The narration celebrates patriotism and democracy.

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Leo Hurwitz, Paul Strand


Marc Blitzstein


Paul Robeson, Fred Johnson, Mary George


Leo Hurwitz, Paul Strand, Ben Maddow

Director of Photography

Paul Strand


Leo Hurwitz, Lionel Berman, Bob Stebbins


Leo Hurwitz, Paul Strand

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United States of America



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