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Andreas Dresen

Nachtgestalten (Night Shapes)

Edition 1999
101' - 1999 - Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: German
Director: Andreas Dresen Composer: Cathrin Pfeifer, Rainer Rohloff With: Myriam Abbas, Dominique Horwitz, Oliver Breite
The Pope comes to Berlin and the night of his sojourn brings not so much heavenly devotion but rather a series of calamities and mishaps to several of the city’s inhabitants. Rich and poor, down-and-outs and policemen, street kids and taxi drivers - in their search for a little bit of happiness, they all end up on an amusing and at times harrowing odyssey through the labyrinth of the big city. One of these people is homeless Hanna. She is overjoyed when she finds 100 Deutschmarks and looks forward to spending a comfortable evening with her boyfriend, the crowning event of which is to be a hotel room with a bath. However, their desperate search for a bed turns into a testing ground for their relationship, their hopes and desires.

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Andreas Dresen


Cathrin Pfeifer, Rainer Rohloff


Myriam Abbas, Dominique Horwitz, Oliver Breite


Andreas Dresen

Director of Photography

Andreas Höfer


Monika Schindler


Peter Rommel

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