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Mark Cousins

My Name is Alfred Hitchcock

Director Mark Cousins Composer Donna McKevitt Cast Alfred Hitchcock, Ingrid Bergman, Doris Day
120' - 2022 - Documentary - Dialogue: English
In My Name Is Alfred Hitchcock an imitation of Hitch guides you through his often imitated film achievements in an illuminating way. An original and captivating masterclass with a personalised touch.
What more can we learn about one of the most studied directors of all time? My Name Is Alfred Hitchcock lets the Master of Suspense speak for himself, or rather, the words of the passionate filmmaker Mark Cousins, voiced by Alistair McGowan's flawless imitation. Cousins, possibly Ireland's greatest cinephile, is never afraid of a challenge, as evidenced by his monumental works The Story of Film (2012) and Women Make Film (2020). His extensive (character) study of Hitchcock presents itself as an insightful self-reflection on six themes, including escape and desire. Packed with excerpts from Hitchcock's more than 50 feature films, from classics to curiosities, this unconventional and entertaining documentary invites both beginners and experts to celebrate his work from a different perspective, from beyond the grave and beyond the myth.
“In this cheeky and insightful study, Hitchcock supposedly narrates from beyond the grave, using movie clips to reveal techniques and meanings in his work. (...) Only a cinephile as passionate as Mark Cousins could have got away with this film, in all its hilarious presumption.” - The Guardian

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Mark Cousins


Donna McKevitt


Alfred Hitchcock, Ingrid Bergman, Doris Day


Mark Cousins


Timo Langer


John Archer

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Hopscotch Films

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United Kingdom




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