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Franco Maresco

Lovano Supreme

Edition 2023
74' - 2023 - Documentary - Dialogue: Italian, English
Director: Franco Maresco With: Joe Lovano
An homage to John Coltrane, Joe Lovano, and to jazz as a universal spiritual language: the Italian documentary Lovano Supreme is all of that.
Jazz enthusiasts immediately noticed the reference to A Love Supreme in the title Lovano Supreme the legendary masterpiece from 1965 by jazz saxophonist John Coltrane. Joe Lovano, who was thirteen when A Love Supreme was released, is one of the most prominent living tenor saxophonists. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio, as the son of Sicilian immigrants; his father Tony, also known as Big T, was a saxophonist as well. It's in Sicily that Lovano performs music by Coltrane during a concert. However, Lovano Supreme is more than just a concert film. The Italian documentary filmmaker Franco Maresco, whose work often has a Sicilian connection, intersperses the live music with a wealth of archival footage and a series of interviews. To keep the viewer engaged, Maresco provides off-screen commentary on the events on the screen. Jazz as a spiritual language has rarely been captured on film with such strength.
“At Palermo, Joe Lovano, one of the greatest contemporary jazz musicians, performed his interpretations of John Coltrane's most representative pieces. The concert was only the first act of a documentary about the return of Joe Lovano to Sicily and the rediscovery of the origins of jazz.” - Locarno Film Festival

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Franco Maresco


Joe Lovano


Francesco Guttuso, Germano Maccioni, Franco Maresco

Director of Photography

Andrea Josè Di Pasquale


Francesco Guttuso


Andrea Josè Di Pasquale, Francesco Guttuso, Leandro Picarella, Ugo Polizzi, Luca Scarabelli

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Italian, English

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Franco Maresco
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