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Katalin Gödrös


Edition 2002
95' - 2002 - Drama - Dialogue: German
Director: Katalin Gödrös Composer: Kirsten Kunrath With: Karoline Teska, Jacob Matschenz, Sabine Timoteo
13-year-old Paula lives with her mother in a small town neighbourhood. Her view of things sharpened by an extensive diet of horror films, Paula is the only one who has noticed that extra-terrestrials have landed and are busy transforming earthlings into friendly, one-dimensional, emotionless beings. Even her nearest and dearest have been affected. What other explanation could there be for her father’s appalling jokes and clumsy conversation? There is only one person who does not appear to have fallen victim to the aliens: Jens. Jens is introverted and full of pent-up anger, which fascinates Paula. When she discovers that his parents died in an accident, she decides to find some way of approaching him. But Jens has plans to make off with a stolen van. On an impulse, Paula decides to jump into the van with him and drive away…(Catalogue Festival Berlin 2002)

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C47ba5ec 444a 4392 8808 21728063a776



Katalin Gödrös


Kirsten Kunrath


Karoline Teska, Jacob Matschenz, Sabine Timoteo


Sebastian Edschmid, Katalin Gödrös

Director of Photography

Philipp Dönch, Sebastian Edschmid


Jens Meurer, Judy Tossell, Marc Wächter

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Countries of production

Germany, France



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