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Alejandro Agresti

Modern Crimes

Edition 1992
82' - 1992 - Drama - Dialogue: Dutch, Spanish, English
Director: Alejandro Agresti Composer: Paul M. van Brugge With: Alejandro Agresti, Roy Ward, Adrian Brine
Tim is an ordinary kind of guy, imprisoned in his daily grind of life as a radio mechanic. When his best friend Alex announces he has fallen madly in love and plans to marry soon, it only makes Tim feel more alone. Then, the unexpected happens, Alex kills himself. Tim can't quite accept it, he has to find a reason, a solution, for this pointless death. Already introverted, he turns inside himself for answers. Reality becomes transformed into a sort of thriller, a thriller which only exists in his head.

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235142ea a7f9 4049 9b46 b4f5f17850b1



Alejandro Agresti


Paul M. van Brugge


Alejandro Agresti, Roy Ward, Adrian Brine


Alejandro Agresti

Director of Photography

Néstor Sanz


Stefan Kamp


Kees Kasander, Denis Wigman

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Dutch, Spanish, English

Countries of production

Argentina, The Netherlands



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