09 20 Oct '24
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Skule Eriksen, Kåre Tannvik

Mo Sámi valdet (Hoe het Samiland ingepalmd werd)

Edition 1984
30' - 1983 - Documentary
Director: Skule Eriksen, Kåre Tannvik
For centuries, the Sami have been forced to retreat in the face of Scandinavian colonialism. Bit by bit, their land, their language and their culture have been taken from them. In the seventies, the Norwegian government moved against the heart of what was left of Samiland. The Sami resisted. This film shows the struggle for survival of a people who have always been non-violent.

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Skule Eriksen, Kåre Tannvik

Director of Photography

Frode Kristiansen, Paul René Roestad


Skule Eriksen


Skule Eriksen

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