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Annette k. Olesen

Minor mishaps (Små ulykker)

Edition 2002
109' - 2002 - Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: Danish
Director: Annette k. Olesen Composer: Jeppe Kaas With: Jørgen Kiil, Maria Rich, Henrik Prip
The members of a Danish family are thrown into turmoil following the death of the mother. John, the deceased’s widower, is something of a joker; an old charmer who allowed his wife to spoil him for 46 years. Eva, the oldest daughter, thinks of herself as the black sheep of the family and has wasted a good deal of her time picking up casual work. She has allowed her artistic talent to fritter away. Tom, a successful businessman, was always Mama’s best boy. After his mother’s death, he throws himself into his work, neglecting his wife. Marianne is the baby of the family, who never managed to leave the nest and who has never earned a penny of her own. Søren is John’s brother, who used to be a carpenter but was forced to give up working for health reasons. Ulla’s death brings about a state of emergency in every single family member, forcing them all to re-think their lives together. (Catalogue Festival Berlin 2002)

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Annette k. Olesen


Jeppe Kaas


Jørgen Kiil, Maria Rich, Henrik Prip


Kim Fupz Aakeson

Director of Photography

Morten Søborg


Nicolaj Monberg


Ib Tardini

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Countries of production

Denmark, Sweden



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