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Fritz Lang


153' - 1927 - Drama - Dialogue: German, English
Director: Fritz Lang With: Brigitte Helm, Alfred Abel, Gustav Fröhlich
In the year 2000, the wealthy ruling class lives in luxury skyscrapers, while slave labourers monotonously toil away far below ground level. Freder - the pampered son of one of the most egregious of the fat-cat rulers - is reformed when he meets Maria, the loveliest of the subterranean dwellers. Travelling incognito below ground, Freder, appalled by the labourers' living conditions, immediately begins campaigning for humanitarian reforms. Evil industrialist Rottwang can't let this happen, so he plots to turn the slaves against the reformers. In his laboratory, he creates a robot in the image of Maria, designed as a false prophet to lead the rabble astray.

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Fritz Lang


Brigitte Helm, Alfred Abel, Gustav Fröhlich


Fritz Lang, Thea von Harbou

Director of Photography

Karl Freund, Günther Rittau, Walter Ruttmann


Erich Pommer

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German, English

Countries of production


Screenplay based on

"Metropolis" (Thea von Harbou)



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