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Nikolaj Volev

Margarit i Margarita

Edition 1990
92' - 1989 - Drama - Dialogue: Bulgarian
Director: Nikolaj Volev With: Irini Jambonas, Hristo Shopov, Rashko Mladenov
This film was made just over a year before the fall of the totalitarian regime in Bulgaria on November 10, 1989. I had to make it simply because I could not carry on living and working under the pressures of both external political censorship and the fear of repression, which in turn created the even more depressing auto censorship. I wanted to express freely my thoughts, ideas and feelings about a conflict between love and oppression in present day Bulgaria with the hope that this would be understood and felt by an international audience. In short, I tried to do my best not to make a boring and unemotional film. (N.Volev)

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5394194b ae16 47a5 8ba5 a6d28b17e84a



Nikolaj Volev


Irini Jambonas, Hristo Shopov, Rashko Mladenov


Nikolaj Volev, Marin Damyanov, Alexander Tomov

Director of Photography

Krassimir Kostov


Polia Sharalieva


Vladimir Bobchev, Ivan Petkov

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