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Jean Marboeuf

Bel ordure (Lovely Swine)

Edition 1974
90' - 1973 - Crime, Drama - Dialogue: French
Director: Jean Marboeuf Composer: Guy Boulanger, Jean Bériac With: Bulle Ogier, Claude Brasseur, Jean Rochefort, Andréas Voutsinas
Pierre used to be a top level football player but he quit. Now he is both a prestidigitator and a stool pigeon, benefiting from the protection of the chief inspector. In his dreams he is haunted by the horrors he saw (he took part in ?) during the Algerian War. Pierre lives with Marie, a young singer who performs at the same cabaret as him. Lately Marie has decided to start a career in the showbiz and Pierre is worried. Nothing alarming happens though, until a diabolical inspector, jealous of his superior, decides to manipulate Pierre. He also puts pressure on Poussin, Marie's pianist, and on Joseph, the night club's master of ceremony. What he wants is to compromise his superior and take his place. Will Pierre escape this ruthless trap?

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C8f1cc43 5298 4cb4 b405 662be9b7f6d6
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Jean Marboeuf


Guy Boulanger, Jean Bériac


Bulle Ogier, Claude Brasseur, Jean Rochefort, Andréas Voutsinas

Director of Photography

Dominique Arrieu, Jean Rozenbaum


Michel Gabon, Vera Memmi, Anne-France Lebrun


Bernard Legargeant

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