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John Greyson


Edition 1997
95' - 1996 - Crime, Fantasy, Drama - Dialogue: French, English
Director: John Greyson Composer: Mychael Danna With: Marcel Sabourin, Brent Craver, Jason Cadieux, Matthew Ferguson
In the fall of 1952, Bishop Bilodeau is called to hear an ageing prisoner’s confession. The prisoner, Simon Doucet, recounts a story about three teenaged boys in 1912. When he reveals the names of the boys the bishop recognises his own story and begins to fear for his life. Simon forces the bishop to watch as other prisoners perform a play about the forty-year-old events. The play explores the repressed passion that binds - and eventually separates - the three boys in a web of desire and jealousy. As he watches the play unfold, the bishop begins to hallucinate. At the end of the play, Simon confronts Bilodeau, asking him to confess his guilt for a crime which resulted in Simon’s life imprisonment.

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John Greyson


Mychael Danna


Marcel Sabourin, Brent Craver, Jason Cadieux, Matthew Ferguson


Linda Gaboriau, Michel Marc Bouchard

Director of Photography

Daniel Jobin


André Corriveau


Robin Cass, Arnie Gelbart, Anna Stratton

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French, English

Countries of production


Screenplay based on

Les Feluettes, ou La Répétition d'un drame romantique (Michel Marc Bouchard)



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